College Essay
College acceptance chances soar with a high flying essay! A few years ago, The New York Times published an article about how Brown University’s student admissions committee had agonized over its choices. In the end, students with high SAT’s were denied acceptance because of mundane essays. In fact, COLLEGE ESSAYS WERE OFTEN DECISION TIE-BREAKERS. Great numbers and activities were not enough; the students also needed a sense of style, a firm hand at the controls, and soaring flights of imagination in their written work.
Creative Dimensions has successfully coached the writing of thousands of college application essays. Our guidance has helped students to achieve exciting, passionate essays that reveal meaningful life experiences and help their applications stand out. The college essay program here at Creative Dimensions consists of at least two one-hour private sessions. Additional sessions may be scheduled at the student’s discretion.
Recommended Program: Two to three 1-hour sessions
Resume Writing
Let our experts help you get that perfect job.  We can help you write a resume from scratch or fine tune your existing resume for a specific job.
In this highly competetive job market, your resume needs to stand out and be interesting enough to get your name past the initial read.  Our resume tips can change your resume from commonplace to exceptional.
Recommended Program: After an initial one-hour meeting, the remaining work can be done through email.
Interviewing Skill
Interviewing is an acquired skill.  But as with any other skill, the more you practice and the more completely you prepare for each interview, the better you will perform and the more comfortable you will be.
Whether you are applying for a new job or applying for an elite private school, our interviewing skills program will help you to anticipate and prepare for certain questions, show you how to present yourself in the best way possible way and help you to practice your interviewing skills with mock interviews.
Recommended Program: Two to three 1-hour sessions
Speed Reading
Study Skill
Speed Reading at Creative Dimesions is not simply about reading quickly;  it is about developing an entirely new approach to reading.
This approach improves comprehension, concentration, recall, and reading speed.
Speed Reading is a skill that will not only help students on standardized tests, but also in any future academic or professional endeavor.
Students will learn that different reading passages require different methodologies, and how to adjust their speed accordingly.
They will learn to focus intently on their reading, and therefore experience better comprehension and recall.
Most importantly, students will gain the confidence to tackle research and large amounts of reading in a reasonable and effective manner.
The Speed Reading program at Creative Dimensions consists of one-hour private sessions with a certified instructor.
Recommended Program:
Two 1-hour sessions are recommended for test prep: one focusing on building speed, the second on building efficiency.
A further two 1-hour sessions will enable you to master reading strategies for the diverse array of texts you will encounter in your academic career: the third focuses on expository texts and the fourth on narrative.
What does the term "study skills" refer to? It applies to students who are struggling in school--often not due to specific academic weaknesses, but more often to issues of organization, time management, and a strategic approach to getting work done. Often, these are students who can't find their books or papers, forget to do or turn in their homework, and/or have difficulty getting started on, sustaining effort during, or completing tasks.

Our program shows students how to
  • plan short term and long term schedules
  • take notes in class and from reading assignments
  • organize their notebooks
  • and generally build a set of successful strategies (routines) for approaching school work.

Recommended Program:
One or Two 1-hour sessions to train students on the methodologies they need to use, and then one 1-hour lesson every 1-2 weeks to help reinforce the strategies and review progress.