Subject Area Tutoring: History

Subject Area Tutoring provides you with the flexibility to do a single lesson when needed or create regularly scheduled appointments with your tutor.

Lessons may consist of reviewing topics, reviewing homework, preparing for a test or quiz, getting a jump start on up-coming topics, working on review sheets, editing papers, or what ever a student needs to improve their knowledge and understanding of a particular subject area.

We focus on chronology, themes, and cause and effect for the following topics:

US History:
US History is designed to acquaint students with the major events and movements that have influenced
our nations past.  It traces the political, social, economic and cultural forces that have shaped American History from the colonial era through today, with an emphasis on themes that include American diversity, the development of a unique American identity, the evolution of American economic trends and transformations, environmental issues, the social reform movements, the role of religion in the making of the United States and its impact in a multicultural society, the history of slavery and its legacies, war and diplomacy, and the place of the United States in world politics. Topics may include the Age of Exploration, the American Revolution, the Constitution period, Jacksonian Democracy, Westward Expansion, Slavery, the Civil War, Isolationism, the Era of Big Business, the Roaring Twenties, World War I, the Great Depression, the New Deal, World War II, the Korean Conflict, the Cold War, the Sixties, the Vietnam Era, and the Gulf War.

Whether the US History course is taught in one year or two, it is a significant amount of material.  Students need to understand how to read and combine information from multiple sources, write extensive papers and possibly DBQ's as well as prepare for tests and quizzes.
Our expert tutors can help students to keep on track and be ready to face any challenge from this course.

World History:
World History is the study of modern world history, including the foundation of world religions and beliefs, exploration, intellectual revolutions, violent revolutions, 
industrial revolution, nationalism/imperialism through the world wars, cold war, the quest of countries seeking independence and changes in current global patterns.

Through the study of World History, a student will gain an 
understaning of continuity and change within and across eras of time. Through this historical development, students will gain a perspective of our place as Americans in world history and the increasingly
importance of diverse global connections among world societies. A student will continue to develop their reading, writing, and critical thinking skills that will provide leverage and value in other academic disciplines and provide enduring skills for life beyond high school.

The vast amount of material covered in this course can indeed be overwhelming. Creative Dimensions can help your student understand the complex relationships explored in this course and keep them on track. We can help with content, reading and writing assignments, test and quiz preparation and much more.

European History:
European History is a rigorous academic course that furnishes a basic narrative of events and movements in European History.  Students may be asked to investigate the broad themes of intellectual, cultural and political history to understand how those ideas are reflected in trends of philosophy, popular literature and the arts. European History also focuses on
economic history and the role of industrialization by reviewing the development of commercial practices and changing economic structures to recognize Europe ’s influence on the world.

The volume of material involved in this course that can cover over five hundred years of history of an entire continent is immense and therefore
organization and the maintenance of a notebook of all class materials is essential. Students are usually expected to do a lot of reading not only in the text, but from outside sources and research both in the library and on the Internet.  Solid reading and writing skills are necessary to succeed.

We can help with 
organizing of dates and facts, analyzing
concepts, writing papers, preparing for quizzes and tests - basically putting it all together to help your student succeed!