Subject Area Tutoring: English

Subject Area Tutoring provides you with the flexibility to do a single lesson when needed or create regularly scheduled appointments with your tutor.
Lessons may consist of reviewing topics, reviewing homework, preparing for a test or quiz, getting a jump start on up-coming topics, working on review sheets, editing papers, or what ever a student needs to improve their knowledge and understanding of a particular subject area.


Work with an experienced writing tutor to hone your writing skills.  Sessions focus on:

  • The Writing Process: pre-writing, writing, revising, proofreading.
  • Rhetorical Development: analogy, cause and effect, classification, comparison and contrast, definition, narration, opinion, persuasion (argumentation), process analysis.
  • Elements of Discourse: grammar, mechanics, punctuation, spelling and diction, effective sentences, larger units (paragraphs, etc.)

This approach, applicable to term papers, essays, book reports, etc., helps the student to thoroughly discuss complex topics and construct strong, persuasive arguments; it is ideal for the student, at whatever level, interested in mastering the fundamentals and achieving excellence.


Reading and understanding literature can be a complex task. Our tutors will help students to:

  • Identify and assemble the main idea
  • Make correct inferences
  • Understand vocabulary in context
  • Draw proper conclusions
  • Recognize large-scale structure
  • Identify the author's purpose and viewpoint

Research emphasizes that vocabulary development is a vital part of all content learning, but it is too often ignored. The link between vocabulary knowledge and comprehension is undeniable. While wide reading increases a student’s vocabulary significantly, Creative Dimensions realizes that direct and explicit instruction in vocabulary must also occur. Our vocabulary instruction will help students to build their vocabulary in unique and exciting ways.

The study of grammar all by itself will not necessarily make you a better writer. But by gaining a clearer understanding of how our language works, you should also gain greater control over the way you shape words into sentences and sentences into paragraphs. In short, studying grammar may help you become a more effective writer.  Too often these days, grammar is overlooked in school.  Our expert tutors can help you improve your grammar knowledge.